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5 pc Colorful Head Enviromentially Safe Bamboo Toothbrush Rainbow Soft Bristle

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Soft, gentle and friendly brushing with the natural benefits of charcoal

      • Perfect for sensitive teeth & gums,
      • Bamboo carbon charcoal infused,
      • Natural anti-bacterial effects of charcoal,
      • Made from sustainably harvested bamboo,
      • Biodegradable toothbrush at a great price.

Ethically Sourced

Bamboo is a plant that grows both quickly and in abundance. It is easy to grow and harvest without causing irreversible damage to natural ecosystems. Bamboo is a highly sustainable timber and great source for versatile wooden products. This toothbrush is only ever sent in recycle packaging - so it's friendly right from the get-go.

Charcoal Infused

The bristles are infused with charcoal (yep, bamboo charcoal) in order to take advantage of charcoal's naturally anti-bacterial and cleansing properties. Charcoal mixtures are used traditionally and medicinally for cleaning and whitening teeth.

Gentle Brushing

The bristles are fine and gentle; helping to promote oral hygiene without wearing away at your gums. Say goodbye to bleeding and retracting gums without compromising on whiter, brighter teeth.

    • 5pc Adult Toothbrushes
    • BPA Free
    • Brand New (Boxed - Recycle Packaging
  • Brand Name: Genkent
  • Item Type: Toothbrush
  • Material: bamboo
  • Age Group: Adults
  • 200000204: 3938