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Universal Law And You | Natural Elements By L 

  I feel the need to discuss the IRREFUTABLE UNIVERSAL LAW that governs the universe, everyone in it, everything and how violation of the universal law upsets the delicate balance and leads to disharmony on our planet and disease with in our bodies. A simple yet obvious example of this is when one of my regular donors from the blood bank I was working at came in late one day... He told me he had done something completely stupid to say the least and that was why he hadn't been in to donate as scheduled...he went outdoors in below-zero weather wearing only a shirt, he stated " I was only going to be a minute". Well, he caught a cold and ended up with pneumonia in the hospital for 2 weeks. Knowing me it was only appropriate that I spread the knowledge so I started on what some may call my health rant and just went right for it... I could see a spirit in desperate need of understanding.

The universal law works and living in accordance with it will help you prevent illness sir, "the what?" he stated with a complete look of confusion...


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The universal law, the yin and yang of it all. See what he didn't realize is that excess yin, represented by coldness, constricted energy and blood flow, was denying his body of it's usual immunity from protecting his respiratory system. By increasing yang, or warming energy, in his body right after exposure to the cold by drinking ginger and cinnamon tea, he would have been able to better counter the presence of the cold factor. Of course, dressing appropriately would have been my 1 first bit of advice, I mean that to me screams for a little common sense please but if you take risk that could possibly harm you and your health it would be best to at some point take stock of your health inventory. You can't possibly do your best to take care of your body, your vessel, your temple of you don't know the state in which it already exists in... As children we sometimes live with the idea that nothing will or could harm us, as we age and mature we quickly find out that this is not the case. So we must take a health inventory to begin living a life aware and conscious of what our bodies are lacking and what we's a balancing act, I know. But it's one that will help you live your best life inside and out.


This is the first step in being a participant in your life not just an observer of random events seeming out of you control...gaining knowledge of your genetic and constitutional archetypes is vital. This will make you aware of your physical and emotional tendencies. There are five constitutional archetypes, based on the five natural elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Being aware of your archetype and learning to take an inventory of your symptoms and signs regularly can greatly enhance your lifestyle of health and wellness especially those living with auto immune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis.

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For instance,

A friend of mine recently learned that his constitution was predominantly the wood element. He also learned that the wood element archetype people are prone to high blood pressure, heart disease, headaches, eye problems, and impatience. He noticed that he had been easily agitated flying off the handle and experiencing headaches and palpitations.

This level of personal awareness prompted him to immediately contact his doctor to have his blood pressure checked and to have an electrocardiogram. They found that
his blood pressure was elevated and that there was a slight murmur in his heartbeat, so he was sent to a cardiologist. A test revealed an arrhythmia to his surprise but luckily it was benign. As a result of early detection, his blood pressure returned to normal with stress-releasing meditation, NOT medication. He took care of the problem while it was small instead of waiting until after a stroke or heart attack. Another more personal example was with myself a newly promoted supervisor of phlebotomy at the blood bank, the stress of my new responsibilities, 3 teenagers with one having a very hard time in school with his behavior and an un-diagnosed condition that caused me to completely loose the ability to feel with my hands...I had numbness and tingling and the hardest part to deal with is I couldn't tell a soul. I was JUST promoted and if you don't already know phlebotomist are the people who draw your blood, have to feel for your veins, and have to distinguish between tendons and arteries to not cause harm to patients...I felt like life had me pulled in what felt like 100 directions last year I was snapping on everything and everyone,  even co-workers I was a mess and didn't even know it but the stress was effecting me on a genetic level. We are all mad up of things, things we can see and things we can' body had awoken a mutation and it was call Multiple Sclerosis. Every little bit of stress I let in unknowingly was rapidly causing change with in my body. I was so busy, busy, busy I didn't even take a moment to take inventory of my health, really think about what was going on with me and figure it out. Instead I went on about my life, trying to hide the problems I was having, trying to juggle everything by myself, requesting no help, taking no breaks until my body forced me to listen.....That is the value of taking your health inventory. You don't want to be forced to take take of yourself, I constantly think maybe I could have done something, been more aware and more conscious in my own life, just maybe...but I was soon after diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis an incurable auto immune disease that affects your brain and central nervous system and stress makes it much worst so my neurologist Dr. Bargarva at the Johns Hopkins Multiple Sclerosis Center suggested that I take part in mindful meditation and it has truly been a blessing.


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Now I'm no doctor, I just absorb much information as I can..I have a curious spirit. It bothers me to not have an answer to a question, I read read and read some more... I needed to understand the five principles of self healing and wellness for myself. I was searching for knowledge I didn't already have and by learning these concepts and practices, I feel I will acquire powerful tools for maintaining and restoring
my optimal health. The five principles are diet and nutrition, herbs and supplements,
exercise and acupressure, lifestyle and environment, mind and spirit. 

As you see diet and nutrition are at the top of my list because what you eat affects your health more than anything else from what i have read and countless studies have confirmed the healing powers of ordinary foods that we eat or every day lack there of.. But this week I'm preparing for my 21-Days Of Meditation with Oprah and Deepak ...he says Meditation has the power to connect us to our true ability to co-create with the universe. And, it’s not just accessible to advanced practitioners. I would like to start focusing on mind and spirit along with diet and nutrition. Cause if my mind isn't strong every thing else will fall to the wast side. Deepak explains how getting in touch with your soul and accessing that feeling of “no boundaries” is possible every time you meditate. So let's de stress together and meditate with Deepak for 21 Days!!

Connect with your soul and harness your power to manifest your best and most meaningful life. Join Oprah, Deepak, and millions of mediators like me from around the world for one of our most beloved 21-Day Meditation Experiences: Energy of Attraction: Manifesting Your Best Life. Back by popular demand, you can relive the journey with us starting July 23! 


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